Dream Realty announces the first real estate Gift Card.

Just like a gift card that you might purchase for Starbucks or Best Buy, you can purchase a gift card from Dream Realty. The card is valid toward the purchase of any residential property throughout the state of Florida.

To celebrate this new service, we are giving away a FREE $1000 gift card that entitles you to a $1000 cash gift at the closing of any residential property purchased in 2014.

The only requirement is that the home is purchased for a minimum of $100,000. This applies to the vast majority of homes as the average home/condo in Florida has again crossed the $200,000 threshhold.

YES, I want $1000 cash gift at closing:

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Although this promotion is a closing gift of $1000, our Dream Realty Gift Card has many other uses. All monies received are stored in an FDIC insured escrow account that can be used for the exclusive use of purchasing residential property in the state of Florida.  Your purchased gift card face value can be returned at any time with 2 days notice.

Additional reasons to purchase a Dream Realty gift card:

  • Graduation Present
  • Tax Free Gift
  • Retirement Present
  • Holiday Present